A certain look at the world around me capsizes me. I cannot hold back my empathy. Should I do it?

My eye is scanning, seated at a café terrace, or lost in the crowd, standing on a station platform or sitting in the metro: a real spectacle for me!
Our eyes, our body speak. No need for words, a watchful and benevolent eye
is enough.
Searching the Soul to better capture the Truth, that is my goal.
It is in Difference that the Unique Being is born that we are.
The paths of Life define us, the residual strata of previous generations,
combined with the present, knead the Unique Beings that we are.
The fatal evidences of our metamorphoses is a source of truth,  » AHymn to
Life ».
Without concessions, I transcribe what I deeply perceive, while remaining true
to the anatomy. Favouring the fragility of aging bodies by revealing excess
flesh, fullness of the breast, the depth of wrinkles or muscle tension, are all
signs that bear witness to the history of a body that has weathered the storms
of life. Undeniably, the scars of time are inscribed in our flesh and in our eyes.
A corner of the lip, a distant gaze, strong and expressive hands, everything
interests me in bodies and faces. The smallest « flaws »; are a quality, generous
curves, joy, sadness, regrets, lines of expression, youth, are all criteria of
Beauty, Authenticity and Sensuality that nourish my artistic expression.
Beyond me, there is You… the model, our history and our Experience!
My revelation was in front of « La Pietà » by Michelangelo, not possible to hold
back my tears of emotion: making the material vibrate has become Vital.
Sculpting is evident.

In contact with the clay, I enter a double Sensory experience, apparently
contradictory but nevertheless so coherent, so obvious. Slowly, a subtle play
unfolds between matter and the intangible, weight and lightness, density and
This is how the Earth, under my hands, gives birth to forms that have come
out of the imagination or nourished by my captive gaze of the model. There,
volumes, curves and counter-curves spring up instinctively, born of a flood of
fruitful emotions.
Ultimate desire: to give soul and life to all matter.
It is a real melee!
Then, it is in this perpetual quest for Life, for the True, for the Beautiful, that I
draw my inspiration and that my regrets turn into new challenges.
Thanks Earth! Thanks the Universe! Thanks Life!